Past hunts...
2006-2007 Hunts
2004-2005 season pictures
DeWayne with some early season
geese and a collar
Gary Pelc with a 3 man limit of honkers
DeWayne with a nice bunch of
mallards, geese, and a bonus redhead!
A happy young man and his proud dad with
a nice bunch of birds
DeWayne with a Ross goose harvested in
NE Ohio.  Very rare in our area of the state!
Greenheads, honkers, and a
orange bonus collar
Sean and Terry Farrell
enjoyed a late season hunt
Curt Christiansen came all the way from
Hawaii to shoot some late season Canadas
Mike Bacon with a nice 2 man limit
John King, Shamus Cassidy, Andy
Cassidy, and Bobby Neff with a nice
bunch of snowy day Canadas
Lee Dortch with a trophy Canada sporting
a leg band and bonus tarsus band
Film Shoot with the Z-Unit
Back row: Brett Buss, Joseph Beckwith, DeWayne Knight, Mike Bacon, Brian
Front Row: Clay Hudnall, Fred Zink, Austin Buss, Field Hudnall
John Beckwith took the photo
2003-2004 season pictures
After a long trip to Ohio late last January, in a
blizzard, We all ( Hillbilly Jim, Kevin Fox, Davo, and
Myself) figured this long drive to be a bust as the
temperature was 10 degrees and below.   “These
birds had to have migrated by now”, I said.  When
we got there, I met with DeWayne “Buckethead”
Knight one of the owners of Honkerbonker Guide
Service, and he told me “no problem the birds are
here and feeding in my cornfields by the
hundreds.”  As we drove through the high snow in
the fields we soon noticed tracks in the fields that
looked like hogs had been there!  We soon
unloaded 5 Finishers, and 10 doz. Greenhead Gears
fullbody goose decoys, and anxiously awaited the
birds. In less than 10 minutes they started pouring
out in front of us, lighting right in the decoys.  
Needless to say,  we filled our limits in about the
amount of time it took to set up. We hurriedly
picked up our spread and got out of the field and let
the birds have it to make for a great hunt again the
next day. Our footage from that day turned out
awesome and can be seen in Realtree’s new video
“Fallin Skies”.  Thanks Honkerbonkers for a GREAT
Hunt and see You again Next Year!!!!!

Thanks and GOOD HUNTIN!!!
“Strait Meat” Jeff Foiles
"I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you what a
great time we had on our goose hunt.  It's obvious
you guys live and breathe waterfowl hunting!  The
decoy spread and calling were great!  We really
enjoyed the entire experience.  HonkerBonker Guide
Service is really TOP NOTCH!  Our only regret is that
our marksmanship wasn't up to  We are
definitely looking forward to hunting with you again
next season.  

See you next year,
Captain Mark Budnick,
Founder of,,
"The last day of the '03 regular duck season I was
able to hunt with DeWayne and John.  As the owner
of West Branch Bait and Tackle, I'm not able to
spend as much time chasing ducks and geese as
I'd like.  The quality of the hunt was unbelievable.  
We decoyed more birds than I've ever seen in  any
one day of hunting.  We had ducks and geese in
front of us at point blank range till we were limited
out.  It was by far one of the finest days of
waterfowl hunting I've ever had."

Keith McKee, owner West Branch Bait & Tackle,
Ravenna, Ohio
"I owed some friends from Rend Lake, Illinois a
hunt in return for a great duck hunt earlier in the
year.  I contacted John and DeWayne about getting
my buddies and me out for some Ohio late season
goose hunting.  Both days we saw TONS of geese,
and were limited out by 9:30 a.m.  These guys host
a great hunt, and my buddies from Illinois were
quite impressed with John, DeWayne, and
HonkerBonker Guide Service."

Matt Lesko       Salem, Ohio
"I was fortunate enough to hunt with John and
DeWayne on a late season goose hunt this year.
This was a first class deal from start to finish no
BELLS AND WHISTLES. The set up was good, blinds
first class, awesome spread and serious calling by
some good guys to spend a day in the field with. If
you just want to shoot at geese, go to the local
public hunting areas and fire away with the rest of
‘EM. If you want to shoot 'em in the face at 12 feet,
these guys do it"....    
Sean Farrell       Pennsylvania
2008-2009 Hunts
Testimonials from clients
I would like to thank DeWayne Knight and HonkerBonker Guide Service. What was shaping up as an ugly hunting
year for me turned out to be fantastic because of DeWayne. I booked 2 hunts with them and was so impressed that
I am already setting up dates to hunt again with them next year. When they say you have to find the "X", these guys
definitely know how to do it!!

We took limits of geese on both of our hunts with them and if bag limits were higher, we definitely could have killed
lots more geese!! I look forward to gunning with these guys again next year and highly recommend their services. If
you want to be around true professionals, hear great calling, hunt great fields, and kill lots of birds, give them a
try!!!! I look forward to next year!!

Jason Podojil
I have used DeWayne's guide service on many occasions and have been extremely pleased and impressed with the
results.  He is genuinely interested in putting me where the birds are flying and giving me great shooting opportunities.
 The shooting has been up close and right in front of our layout blinds.  It is obvious from my experiences with
DeWayne that he puts a great deal of time into scouting his properties to better improve the chances of whacking
some waterfowl.  I also take advantage of his substantial knowledge of waterfowl and waterfowl hunting to tray and
improve my shooting opportunities and to improve my decoy sets when hunting on my own.  DeWayne and his people
are also professional callers.  I have not heard this level of calling from anyone else.  IF waterfowl are in the area they
will bring them to you.  Their dogs and dogwork are fantastic as well.  If I were to grade DeWayne and his guide
service based on my experience, the grades would be:

Professionalism             A
Decoys                          A
Promptness                   A
Calling                           A
On the "X"                      A
Knowledge                     A
Shooting opportunities   A

You will certainly enjoy the experience of hunting with DeWayne's company.  I plan on many more hunts with him this
upcoming season.  You will not be disappointed and it will be well worth the time and expense.

Bill Higham
Dear DeWayne,

I just had to write and say what a fantastic time I had out with you and your crew.  For an end of the season (can't
get much  more to the end than the last 2 days..) hunt, I couldn't believe how you were able to put us on the birds.  
Even more unbelievable - you got them to work right into the decoys!  I don't know if you were saving some of your
best calling stuff for the late season, but they worked right in even after a season of pressure.

Although it was my first hunt after moving to Ohio, and my first goose hunt ever, I learned more in those two days
than I had in whole seasons back East.  I really appreciate your taking the time to let me know what to expect.

In short, I'm hooked!  My wife is gonna be ticked off when she sees the new gear showing up on the credit card, but
at least she likes goose.  ;-)

Thanks and looking forward to hunting with you again early and often next year!

Ronnie & Brandon with a
couple of leg bands!!
Five man limit with a bonus leg band!
Drake Mallard banded in Quebec, Canada!
Honkers and Mallard in the field!
An awesome afternoon shoot!!!
Three banded geese and a banded Mallard!
5man limit of Greenheads with two
bands and some bonus Black Ducks!
A nice limit of fat December Honkers!
5 man limit of horse pasture honkers, one
with a band and some bonus Mallards!
3 man limit of honkers and a bunch of
ducks, along with another leg band!
3 man limit of honkers, and half of
them were banded!
Sunny day limit of honkers
4 Man limit of big late season Canadas
Tennis shoe limit!
Goose hunting ROOKIE gets his first
band on his second ever goose!
Out with a bang...last hunt of the season.  And, another
band for the goose hunting  ROOKIE!  Matt hunted with
us the last two days of the season and limited both
days.  Out of those first four geese of his goose hunting
career, he took two bands in two consecutive shots!!!