Rates and Information
for the 20
13 - 2014 season

Guided Goose hunts:  $175.00 per gun per day.
Combo goose and duck:  $225.00 per gun per day.
Visa and Mastercard accepted
We rest our fields between hunts to give the birds time to feed.  By resting the
fields, the birds are not pressured to leave the area.  This gives us outstanding
hunting action throughout the season.
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information and online licensing info...
For additional details email us at:
We get your hunt started well before you actually arrive.  We regularly scout
multiple locations to verify where the birds are working.  The location of your
hunt is then chosen based on which
locations are being used by the birds at
the time they are scouted.  This gives you the best opportunity for a great hunt.
We can assist out of town or non-resident hunters with licensing, lodging, and