The Hunt
We strive to provide a quality hunting experience.  We supply high quality decoys,
blinds, and other necessary equipment.  You need only bring your personal gear;
gun, shells, warm camo clothing, and a suitable gear bag to carry your personals.  
Warm, waterproof boots are highly recommended, as are extra gloves and hats.  
We also recommend that you bring a camera to record the hunt.
Above all else, SAFETY  is stressed.  Your guide has the skills and knowledge to
bring the birds in close.  He will "call the shot" when the time comes.  Our goal is to
provide you with "in your face" shooting opportunities so that you may harvest your
birds cleanly and efficiently.  Shots at 10 to 15 yards are common.  No pass
shooting here!
Your day will start with meeting your guide at a pre-arranged time and place.  You
will proceed to the chosen location for your day's hunt.  Hunters will assist the
guides in deploying the blinds and decoy spread.